Skippable Kitties and Those That Aren’t

Skippable Kitties and Those That Aren't_Ithaka On My Mind_vertical

Previously published as ‘Skippable Kitties and Those That Aren’t’ by Noct Moll.

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Nothing beats watching cat videos.
Especially in a world where cats don’t exist anymore.

Flora loves nothing more than cats.

And Firmament, an advanced algorithm, shows her exactly the kinds of videos she loves.

So, with a practically infinite reservoir of cat videos, Flora is fairly content–even while living in a coffin-like metal booth. All human survivors live in one of these booths in a pit, after all.

Everything stays splendid, until an undeniably real-sounding meow interrupts Flora’s regular cat-video-viewing session.

When confronted with the real, what is a person used to the virtual supposed to do?

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