Ch. 68 – Good Things From All the Bad Things (9)

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Diseased blood might be nasty. Healthy blood contained in dirty vessels might become eventually polluted. Any blood that comes into contact with the outside environment will reek.

But blood itself isn’t inherently filthy. And even the most diseased blood, in the dirtiest vessel, that should have reeked because it has been released into the greater environment, can be pristine under very specific circumstances:

If it cleanses itself of the disease, if it completely detaches itself from its dirty vessel, and if the environment isn’t prone to succumbing to normal chemical interactions.

So, when filthy vessels burst in the hotel between worlds and release all the blood that they used to contain… When the fabric of the universe catches the little red droplets and absorbs them for its own nourishment without discriminating, without judging, without abusing it because of its filthy origin…

Then, why, blood can be the cleanest, holiest, most practical shield there ever was.

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