Ch. 66 – Good Things From All the Bad Things (7)

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Outside, the hotel continued to shake. Lady Song and Mr. Lee knew they couldn’t delay the collapse of the building for much longer. But they also knew, with Zach and Angeline inside Gus Shevlin, they didn’t need to defend their home for more than one additional second.

One second, that was all it was going to take. Before that, however, the owner couple made two things happen:

They closed the opening of the cocktail lounge. It had been blocked by the veil of reapers, bless their souls, but they needed to stay reapers; they couldn’t be anchored to this hotel. Lady Song stretched. And stretched some more. Literally, the walls and floor to all four sides of that opening grew up, down, left, and right, until the opening didn’t exist anymore.

And the bar, behind which Mina stood, grew upward, toward the ceiling. She, too, was better off staying free. She, like everyone else at the hotel, had her own story to handle. The burden of another person’s story was not hers to carry. That was one thing that the women in black and the hotel agreed upon—that no one was to carry another’s burden.

Just when these barriers were set up, the one second passed.

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