Ch. 65 – Good Things From All the Bad Things (6)

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And Angeline followed, equally thrilled.

They were snakes, penetrating the core of their victim.

They were torpedoes, blazing through Shevlin’s esophagus and intestines.

They made themselves dense, narrow, and fast. That was the way to travel through the innards of another being.

Red, black, and sickly yellow filled this lair of heinousness. Blood, fat, and muscles contracted, generating disgusting sucking noises of panic.

The reek of filth dizzied them. They could taste the cruel victories from times past while such flashbacks melted into belated regrets.

Everyone regretted. All one hundred and seventy-six who’d participated. Parts of them were inside Shevlin, and no matter how vehemently they denied their share of the crime, their deeds didn’t fade. Even a small part of Angeline was here. And Nora. And the doctor. They all regretted it.

But those who regretted the most at this moment were the ones who’d laughed and smiled as Zach had died; the ones who’d never before regretted. The fabric of the worlds stretched far, wide, and reliably. The web sucked blood.

Move, those colluders may, through beforeworld, afterworld, or even after release, in the shapes of mere particles. Largely clueless, they may continue to exist. But they were paying the price. The balance of the world was being restored. Action had resulted in reaction. The murdered victim was settling the score.

Their belated regrets were useless. Regret that only occurred because the regretter was in danger was always useless. Anybody could pretend to regret, to repent, to be reborn, when they were in danger.

All that was bullshit.

Angeline and Zach slithered through Gus Shevlin. The temperature rose. They reached the heart. From there, they rode the blood cells. They traveled to the end of the toes and fingers, then back. They touched every vessel and neuron with their determination. Nothing pumped, nothing pulsed, nothing throbbed without their permission anymore.

Once they’d established complete dominion over the target, they reunited at the heart.

“Ready?” Zach said.

“Ready,” Angeline said.

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